Mission statement

Aexon Group is a social project dedicated to helping and providing financial services to businesses and individuals across the globe, and especially to those who don’t have access to traditional banks and other financial institutions. We believe it is our responsibility to give everyone equal opportunity and access to financial services, no matter what caste or class they hail from or what other difficulties they may be facing.

Aexon also offers low cost financial services to local and national governments. One of our specialties is enabling governmental clients to make social payments through our platform, ensuring basic financial human rights for millions of less fortunate individuals.

Aexon Group is currently designing a financial model and architecture that will allow us to reinvest part of the Group’s profits into communities in need all over the world. As a result, we have created the Aexon Foundation. The foundation aims to serve deserving individuals all over the world, developing local communities and sponsoring infrastructure investment what will benefit deserving people all over the world.